Women’s Outerwear Manufacturer

Our state of the art design and latest methodology make the ideal outerwear to meet buyer expectations an easy to access style and quality. Master design organizations give help in making pieces of attire totally from scratch, or we can space in at any period of the creation process with our innovative information and specialized expertise.

Our capabilities fuse the latest trends in waterproofing, solid completing, and lifestyle finishes. Particular wet and dry attire orders in denim and a whole collection of diverse fabrics engage you to conform to high performing outerwear to suit your brand and character.

Our specialities

Overall Sourcing

BD Wear wide overall sourcing of the latest fabrics, additional items, and trims licenses you to tweak your outerwear to meet the growing demand of the business sector.

Quality Measures

From weatherproof winter spreads to breathable summer outerwear, quality measures and testing performed by our own particular staff ensures quality execution over the seasons.


Our production capabilities and on-the-ground information can accommodate you to get to the cream of the world’s clothing industry.

Worldwide Capacity For Responsive Solutions

We give tailor-made organizations to match your needs, whether you are looking to outsource the headway of your entire gathering or oblige specific support at key periods of the supply system.

The sweeping industry taking in and an overall establishment equip us to describe the best technique for sourcing and taking care of to pass on your particular item. We pass on cross fetching, unequivocal product examination, and shrewd logistical outcomes gear us up to meet your valuable and consistent time scales.

At each one period of our organization we assure complete quality control, preemptive basic speculation and transparent two-way correspondence, accommodating you a full peace of mind with the thought of knowing your aggregations will arrive safely and to your agreed standards. The impact is concocting design forward outerwear brought to market with itemized consideration and at sensible price valuation.